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Union of Business Ladies

Union of Business Ladies is a nonprofit organization established by International Relations Centre. Union of Business Ladies provides an outstanding platform to bring together women entrepreneurs for sharing their experiences and developing lucrative partnerships. UBL solely aims to increase women’s participation in the business fraternity. For this purpose, throughout the year UBL organizes various activities for promoting further development of women in business. These activities include a variety of conferences, forums and training sessions. That gives an excellent opportunity for successful entrepreneurs share their experiences with fellow entrepreneurs and startups as well. The Organization is focused on assisting women to succeed in every way possible.



Union of Business Ladies aims to create connections, grow networking, give more opportunities for women, highlight their interests and needs in business and support their promotion and growth in the world of business.




  • To bring together women entrepreneurs from various business and professional sector
  • To extend an outstanding network for successful entrepreneurs
  • To develop the role of women with families in entrepreneurship
  • To organize events for the welfare of women in business like conferences, forums, masterclasses, and training etc.
  • To support young entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, to make them professionally capable of rising up in the competitive business world
  • To encourage and develop women oriented entrepreneurial projects
  • To arrange events including auctions to contribute to charity and social responsibility

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